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Manchester's first splatter room!

What is a paint splatter room?
Life can be full of rules and stress so why not RelAXE, throw some paint,
and make a mess!

When you enter the splatter room you can use your paint to create art on your canvas however you see fit! Throw it, use your hands, add on a squirt gun and fire away or go traditional and use a brush! Be creative and make a piece of art you can bring home!

Choose between 

What is cost

$20 per person for 1 hour regular paint
$25 per person for 1 hour of glow paint

 what is included?
9x12 canvas
    5 colors of paint ( total of 2 oz's)
Additional paint gear & canvases available as add-ons

Is there an age requirment to use the splatter paint room?

Any age is welcome in the Splatter Paint room!
If Splatter Paint users are under 10 at least 1 adult needs to be in the room.

Are party packages available?
Email us or use the form below to book one of our party packages or to get more information

Book your reservation
here or email us to book a party!

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